Heating Ventilation and Air-conditioning accounts 44% of energy usage on overall energy balance system in buildings etc. HVAC Project Management system is key part in life cycle energy running cost, percentage rate of return(PRR), Average return on investment(ROI), internal rate of return(IRR), for customers sustaining capital investment in major equipment’s selection, for plant peak load accurate sizing to achieve maximum efficiency on Operating conditions.

Our HVAC Project management solutions are very innovative in-depth knowledge in engineering design and implementation to achieve economical solutions for project estimating and costing effectively.

Our HVAC project management involves energy efficient design, development, implement, procurement, construction, commissioning and integration for successfully deliver Intime completation of projects.

HVAC Energy Efficient system design consider most factors influenced in design variance are Head load calculations, Coefficient of performance(COP), Energy Evaporation Ratio(EER), kilo Watt per Ton rating(kW/ton), Integrated Part Load Value (IPLV), Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. (SEER), Equipment Efficiency, outside air quantity, and Pumps curve best efficiency operating point thus making Cost efficient for maximum efficiency Project management to achieve Energy conservation.

Formulating project goals and objectives.
Opportunities through detailed value engineering.
Time line management using operational research techniques.
Recommended on Energy Efficient Product Solutions.
Estimating and coasting.
Project Planning and Scheduling.
Work force Supply.
Execute civil construction works.
Prepare Bill of quotation. (BOQ)
Project financing and funding.
Supply chain management.
Safety management (Kaizen).
Procurement Management.
Testing and commissioning.
Operation and Maintenance.


Building architect plan.
Feasibility Site Studies.
Detailed plant layout drawing.
Green Building Construction certified materials.
Energy Modeling and Simulation.
Heat Load Calculations.
Computational Fluid Dynamics (HVAC).
Design HVAC system (ECBC, ISHARE, ASHRAE, BEE.IES) standards
Building Management System(BMS).
Design Piping and Instrumentation controls(PID).
Duct Routing for Fresh Air and Return System.
Selection of Best Operating Energy Efficient Pumps.
Energy Efficient Integrated Part Load Value Chiller plant.
Energy Efficient Direct Driven AHU Fan System.
Indoor Air Quality Monitoring System.
Select Super Premium Efficiency Motors. (IE4)
Implement Heat Pumps and Heat wheels for WHR system
Adopting Free Colling, Cool Roof and Earth Cooling technologies.
Design Landscape and vegetation for Heat Island Reduction.
Building Thermal Comfort Analysis.
Sun Path Analysis with Core and Shell Development.
Glass Shading Co-Efficient Analysis.
Energy Efficient Fan-less Jet type of Cooling Towers.
Water efficiency, conservation and recycling.
Design Data Center Infrastructure Efficiency(DCIU).
Design HVAC Thermal Storage System.
Selection of Good Insulation Material.
Good Operation and Maintenance Practices.
On-Site Green Building Audits and recommendations.
Water Conservation Auditing.
Recommendations for LEED Green Building Performance Ratings.
Eco-Friendly Energy Efficient Technologies implementations.
Innovation and Development for Environmental Sustainability.
Estimation and Coasting.
Supply Chain management.
Testing and Commissioning.
Operation and maintenance.