“ KALLU BASAVA ENERGY CONSULTING  PVT. LTD.” was establishment in 2016, Bangalore, Karnataka. The company engage with young energetic professionals to promote core technologies in the filed Power, Energy, Environmental Health and Safety most excellent solutions providers. Company which focuses on Energy sector deploys quality services for clients satisfaction and expectations in a competitive market. Cost effective and benchmarking product Solutions is the key to its never ending professional growth to our reputed customers results very high percentage return on investment(ROI) and very less Simple payback period.

We are the front runner and well technically qualified and experienced professionals to driven the best creative and Innovative ideas for our valuable reputed customers for in time project validate deliver with technical excellence.

Our latest and updated patent products offer world–leading quality competitive benefits in the field of energy Sector.

Our knowledge-based solutions will optimize operational energy cost, increases life span and plant safety assessment.

We can also provide comprehensive benchmark solutions and facilities for environmental sustainable growth to our empowering clients.

Our business will be highly interactive to maximize operational efficiency and minimize the risk impacts in the Energy Sector.

We support to enhance Demand Side Energy Management with very short term capital investment planning and life cycle cost energy saving benefits.

We Create strategic and dynamic oriented skills at work phase to achieve our goal Intime.

We believe our valuable, dedicated and committed educational resources in the field of Energy sector.

Our technical experienced professionals work towards reduce global warming potential(GWP) carbon foot print credits.

Our solutions deploy mutual benefits in Energy Services to customers builds their won rapid growth of productivity and quality.


B – “Believe in Nature,
U – Understanding in Nature,
S – Save the Nature,
I – Initiate this NATURE,
N – Nature is the God Gift, 
E – Everyone Needs Nature, 
S – Save the Life,
S – Save the Earth”.

Our Vision

We aim to be global leader, talented and honesty service providers in energy sector by expand our technical mind in the best way to promote our ideas.

Our goal is to deliver challenging great satisfactory innovative solutions to society in Energy sector for continuous improvement and effectiveness quality services.

To develop young and outcome Engineers in a learning environment for their professional growth in Energy sector to change the world Envirn0mental Sustainability. 

Our Mission

“ To bring revolution in nation by continuous increasing human resources day by day to enrich our customers needs in the field of Power, Energy, Environmental, Health and Safety to people bringing them in society to reduce energy crisis causes Global warming potential(GWP) in our mother earth impacts Environmental Sustainability”.